I hooked up with my ex, what should I do?

Every since my ex and I broke up, every time I've seen him at a party/event/etc it's been clear to me that our connection is still there (and he's even said so), and to me it's never really felt over. We went out together for the first time since breaking up and we had an absolutely amazing time. It was obvious to me that the spark was still there, and I could tell he could feel it as well. We went out for drinks later and he even ordered another round because "he was having a good time with me" and we continued to catch up. He'd had enough that he couldn't drive, so we went back to my place and one thing lead to another. In the moment it was really great but in the morning it was awkward. Before leaving, he made plans for us to go to a show together next week. But that evening he called to talk about what happened and how neither of us had expected or planned for it. He kept our plans for next week though.
I know I can't change what happened in the past, but I feel like sleeping together kind of ruined everything, and we should have capped it after drinks. Should I still go out with him next week? Is there any way for us to bounce back from this and start over?


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  • pretend it didn't happen.


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