My boyfriend lied about contact with his ex?

So... long story short, my boyfriend was suppose to have a guys night for his friend who is moving away for a year, he told me it's not that he didn't want me there but more of the friend that was leaving just wanted to be with the guys, which didn't bother me at all, he told me if i could come around later he'd let me know so i said fine, never texted me or anything so I just texted him around midnight saying I was going to sleep and to have a good night with the boys... no answer, there comes the next day where he picks me up, I asked him if he had a good time, he told me he never ended up going and stayed home.. 20 minutes in the car later he asks me "if i told you something would you be mad" and I said depends what, he told me he hung out with his ex, her bestfriend and her boyfriend... I asked him the whole 21 questions as to why and he just said "I don't know it was awkward" then I asked him if he's close with his ex and if they're friends and he said "no we don't talk at all she just asked me to catch up" I didn't bother nagging anymore just voiced how much it bothered me.. a few days later he told me his ex "asked to meet me" so I asked AGAIN if they were friends, ebcause if not i have no business or interest in meeting her, then he told me yes, throughout their relationship they were more friends than anything else..
I can't tell if he's lying because he was scared of what my reaction would be, or if he's trying to hide something, I saw her name in his facebook messages the other day so now I know they do talk.
Should I sit him down and talk about it thourouly once more to clear the air for good?


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  • that's keeping the story short? he's hiding something.

    • as short as i could possibly make it lol... I don't know how to confront him about it, I don't want to seem as if I'm a nag

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    • no problem. good luck. and remember, whatever you feel you need to do, don't allow him to change your mind

    • and of course i'm right! i am a man! we are always right!

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  • I think there is something he is not telling you.


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