Girls, What has been the best first date you have been taken on? Or what's your ideal first date?

Looking to take a girl out who I have been speaking to for ages but I wanna do something a little different


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  • My first date was perfect...

    He insisted on meeting me at my house so he could introduce himself to my parents first (huge brownie points, and both my parents instantly respected him). All he had told me before hand was that is was a surprise and I should wear comfortable shoes and bring a jacket.

    His Dad gave us a lift (neither of us had our licenses yet, and also so our parents could meet - again very thoughtful).

    He dropped us off at the local park right by the kids playground, and my date brought out a picnic basket and blanket etc.

    We basically messed around on the swings and stuff, totally different but utterly perfect, and then ate our picnic on top of the climbing frame.

    We went for a walk afterwards and it was so romantic and perfect, and we sat and talked and looked up at the stars (we started out date at about 7 so it was dark by the time we finished our walk).

    Naturally, we kissed and stuff after the walk, and it felt just right. The fact that our date was at such a fun, kiddy place took all of the nervous pressure away, and both of us managed to relax and be perfectly ourselves.

    I was home by half ten, and my date insisted again on walking me in and saying goodnight to my parents, and to thank them for letting him take me out. (Perfect or what? Any guy that shows a deep respect for my parents is a winner in my book!)

    So it was definitely an unconventional first date, but it was by far the best! And I've been dating that guy for almost a year now, and we still both talk about the date as though it were yesterday.

    • sounds great, i love the idea of a picnic but where i am the weather is almost always bad. part of me almost feels like its to soon to start introducing myself to the parents as we have only spoken to each other in person twice so i feel it may be better to get to know her better. Thanks for sharing

    • Walks in the rain are always good, then you can go chill in a warm coffee shop after - keeps the whole thing feeling casual.

      I see what you mean about the parents though, don't stress cos a lot of people never mean their dates parents until way into any kind of relationship

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