Why do guys ASSUME a woman is playing hard to get?

I like to be cordial because I have manners and was raised right. But even after you nicely told a guy you're NOT interested why do they continue trying just because you're being cordial and friendly? They won't stop until you become a rude evil bitch and tell them flat out to fuck off and that they're unwanted by you. And then you have to feel like a villian when that could've been prevented! When a woman wants you you will know. She will not avoid you for long periods of time. Otherwise she's not fucking playing hard to get and really doesn't want you, damn. Why do men do this?


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  • those guys think they can turn a no into a yes and its not impossible.


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  • I have never assumed that. I assume the complete opposite actually. I assume that the girl doesn't like me to begin with so even if she gives me signals, I still don't chase it or believe it.

  • "She will not avoid you for long periods of time."

    You'd be surprised... Those guys were just dicks and you weren't playing hard to get because you were flat out saying no.


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