Should I hope for a New Years kiss?

So I'm planning on going to a new year's party with my ex-boyfriend.

We were together for almost a month but we both decided to be friends again so that we could build more trust between us, and learn more about each other. I've never had a new year's kiss, and he knows that. We have kissed before, but he's pretty jet set on this friendship thing, as I am. But I really want a new year's kiss, not just to get one, but I want one specifically from him. I'm pretty sure he was planning on giving me one before we broke up, but I think he changed his mind since we "broke up".

Is it okay to get my hopes up and hoping he'll kiss me when that clock hits zero, or should I give up now so it won't hurt as much when he doesn't?

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His family made plans so I don't have to worry about it. =]


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  • I don't really know where you got the idea that you'd learn more about each other as friends, but whatever floats your boats I suppose. Kissing will remove that friends label though, so decide whether you care more about just being friends, or getting the kiss. If you are together and make the move on New Years, there is a good chance it will work for you. Just be prepared to deal with the consequences afterward.

    • You raise a good point. I won't hope for one =], but I was curious why you said it was a bad idea to be friends?

    • In my experience, you learn a lot more about a person in a relationship than you do in a regular friendship. If you guys like each other in a romantic way, it seems kinda silly to delay what you both want.

    • Ok thanks for your advise! =]

  • Look you said you're going there as friends...So chances are that he'll just give you a friendly hug come the new year...


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