Girls, how do you choose between 2 guys you fell in love with?

So you fell in love with one and another one later. You love them both, and have those feelings and butterflies.
Yet the thing is, theyre polar opposites:
guy1: is more classy themed, parties a lot, girls chase him a lot, seems like the ideal guy when you hang with him, good talker, pretty face
guy2:more rough/streety, straight to the face, is funny, mysterious, helped you gain confidence, knows exactly who you are and what you want, plays sports at high level, seems lika mirror of yourself

Now you dont need to base your opinions on these 2 examples, you can talk about any exp this is just to give you a direction


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  • It depends on what the girl specifically wants and feels about u two.

    Btw: feeling butterflies is not love. Its infatuation.

    And u can't love two people at the same time in a serious way.

    She seems torn between two crushes.

    Ultimately none of these descriptions matter as it is her heart that wil decide.

    Last but not least, if u see she is just stringing u two along for too much time, mayb she is just playing the field and it is time to move on bcause she won't b serious about any of u.

    • well I've seen she is like more serious with the other dude, so anyways im moving on...
      but its just so strange you know, from going to so close to so distant again lmao

    • Yeah i get it

      Sorry about it too

      But she probably just wasn't the right girl for you

      Wish u luck

    • thanks, well actually she was about the only girl who'm i thought was right for me, specially since she pursued me so hard and obv lol yeah anyways let bygones be bygones

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  • Wow, I can actually relate to that example but loving two people at the same time? Ehh, I think that's bs, but I would choose the second guy because if I really loved the first one, I wouldn't have fallen for the second.

    • well that seems clear, and which one did you choose from the example then? :p

    • Glad it does :) and neither, actually haha

    • and what if your 1st guy had more influence on you, and the 2nd is more about looks and feelings (obv n1 is about feeling to)
      But the 1st guy had more influence on your life and how you look at yourself

  • i will choose the second one because if i really loved the first one then i wouldn't have fallen for the second one.

    • and in the case of this one, cause she seems to love 3 guys at the same time but waits for one to bite

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    • thanks :)

    • my pleasure :)

  • i choose the first one.


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