Do you ever trust God to give you direction on who is the right person for you? And do you think it is crazy when people share this with you?

When I date non religious people they think I use God as an excuse like I am weak even bipolar listening for advice from someone I can't see in the flesh.

But sometimes I date people and they seem great but something holds me back from even giving them as much as a hug goodnight. I feel like God puts up a wall. Like this is just a great friend don't cross the line. Or danger zone. Or just don't think about it.

and I listen I made bad choices before and some good ones but I asked God to guide mevision since I think those couples he brings together are happiest. So I follow what he tells me.

Then I am called hot and cold and crazy. They try to give their take but it is between Me and Gpd it isn't their sign
Like for example this guy I think he is beautiful and smells so good and I see him every time I go dancing but I told my friend he is now dating our friend and as great as he is I couldn't feel like I was really wanting anything with him. I heard he was abusive to the wife he divorced lately. My friend is friends with his wife that just became his ex. It is like God keeps me safe. And I always end up realizing things like that


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  • I always trust God to put me in the right direction. I don't care what anyone says or how they insult me. I once prayed that if I He wants me to be single then please take away all desires for a woman companion and He did, almost immediately. So I believe He wants me single and I am very happy being single. I do get bouts of loneliness on rare occasion but that's part of being human also.


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  • Sigh... A part of it could be God, but have you considered that the other part of it may be your own inhibition?
    it's a conditional lot of people suffer from not knowing which choices are the right choices to make... I'm just going to tell you, God can hook it up, but it's up to you to see where it goes.
    The universe... "God" can and will bring you everything that you ever wanted... but if you are riddled with fear, it's too easy to turn away those gifts.
    My suggestion would be to open yourself up and be grateful to what the universe is offering you... see where it takes you... keep an open mind and live your life.


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  • i dont do that.


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