Girls, Help me she said that she's indecisive on her answer. why she so indecisive?

I'm telling this girl how I feel. She said she knew I had feelings but she never knew I would confront her about them. I asked if there was a chance she said she can't foretell the future. It al depends on how we talk. Keep I mind she has a boyfriend. And she keeps saying she's confused when I asked her these questions. And she usually responds back quickly but now she's talking for ever. Is she trying to come up with ways to hide her feelings for me. Because I feel if she wanted to say no she would have said no. I told her don't spare my feelings just tell me the truth. She said she can't say no or yes. Why can't she decried
Why is it so hard for her to tell me no. Or is she really confused about how she feels about me. I told her don't worry about my feelings I've been hurt before I can take it what ever the answer. So why is she so indecisive about this? Why does she not wanna give me an answer?
Is she really confused or what? I need done advise because this is really messing with me.


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  • Maybe, she still likes the guy but she might like you. It might be hard for her because she has a boyfriend and she might not want to lose him. But at the time , she likes you and it is very important for to think about it.

    • Ok I thought it was like that. She just said "it was too much right now. A new job, school, plus she's moving and this" but she never gave an answer. But thanks for your input.

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    • If you only seen her three times for the past time, I suggest you contact her and tell her if you want to hang out with her at least like friends. It might change her mind and you might have a chance with her.

    • Ok I will do that. Ask to spend some time with her

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