To the fellow brothers, do you hate talking on the phone and prefer text?

I hate talking on the phone personally, unless it's calls that I can't avoid like work and such. Recently I've been calling to talk to a girl I'm daitng exclusively. I told her she is the only person I enjoy talking to on the phone. We don't have the label yet as from personal experience labelling things too quickly often would have bad effect.

Do you guys have similar experience? like you hate talking on the phone but suddenly like to talk to one person?


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  • Aww... that's cute. I think you really like her :)

    Enjoy every moment of it. I think this is the beginning of a great relationship


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  • I'm not a brother... but I dislike verbally talking on the phone. I'd rather send a quick text and meet up later or something. Or not meet up at all and just text.

    I've told guys I've dated this and they expressed similar responses "Yesss.. thank you! I HATE talking on the phone!" But then they call me and want to talk for hours all night? What's up with that? I really want to sleep. I'm polite and let them talk, but dang... every guy I've dated says then acts that way. It's confusing.

    But I think it's really sweet you like to talk to her. :)

    • I think guys are just scared of obligations, when you tell them you don't like talking on the phone they feel that it's THEIR decision to call you. So they are not being whipped to call. complicated species LOL

    • That makes a lot of sense! Thanks, Ishtar :)

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  • Same, I don't like to talk I prefer texting unless it is something that needs to be discussed in detail.


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