How Can I take better pictures as a guy?

So a couple of girls have been telling me they I look much more handsome in person (nice way of saying I take bad pics.) This is mostly related to selfies I take and not just me in a crowd. I don't want to full on pose or anything but how should a good looking guy takes pics of himself that makes him across as very eye grabbing attractive? i think the problem is i don't really have an example since i obviously don't look at other guys pics... maybe post ones you think are not just attractive men but attractively taken photos and I can see if there's a pattern (angle, direction, etc...)


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  • It's all about angles! Find a flattering angle for your face and work with it. Smiling aswell makes you more attractive. You don't need to take model shots, it's all about flattering angles and looking natural, not trying too hard


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