Finding someone to care for. Is it an easy thingthing to do?

I got out of a really bad relationship earlier this year and ever since my friends have been nagging me to find someone to care for and love.
I'm not a very social person, I'm 23 years old and my life consists of university, work, and gym. My social group isn't ththat big either but they keep nagging aand saying that I need to find someone.

I think its not that simple but am i thinking too much? Is it an easy thing to do? Was it easy for you? Maybe it's because I'm 23 and single while they are all in relationships.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It could be easy.
    But people make it difficult for themselves by being stubbornly picky.

    If you want to pursue getting a boyfriend, you should socialize more.
    Your nagging friends are bound to know someone they could set you up with.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly, you shouldn't stress about finding someone right this second. It's better just to relax and let a good relationship happen eventually versus trying to find someone to date quickly, which usually doesn't go well in my experience. by the way I recently just got out of a bad relationship too so I understand.

    • Yeah if you're gonna go find someone right now, it will be hard. It was hard when I tried it cause I still had feelings for my ex.

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  • No, it's hard, because most people are trash.


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  • I just care for everyone, and not worry about finding anyone in specific.


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