Is it considered cheating if you are dating two people at once?

But you aren't in a relationship with either but you are pretty much more than friends with both people? (Doing things that are 'relationship material' rather than simply hanging out as a date... if that makes sense.)

And the two people do not know that you are seeing either one of them at the same time but you want to make a decision which person you want to have as your significant other.


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  • It's not technically cheating, but only because you haven't officially said you are in a relationship with either of them, which you kinda are. I believe that if you are interested in 2 people it's OK to see them individually as friends, however as soon as one of those relationships escalates, you owe it to everyone involved to be upfront and honest about what is happening so you don't hurt anyone more than you have to.


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  • I'm kind of in the same position, except that the two people KNOW one another and I haven't actually initiated anything beyond normal social activity.

    But the feelings are there and I don't know how to explore them without causing problems.


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  • bc your not dating no its not cheating but it looks really bad on your part. live in there place for a second. and ask yourself how would you feel if a guy was doing stuff with you makin you think there was something there and you were the only one but at the same time you was with someone else sharing the same feelings.

    if you can't choose

    write a list of the good and the bad.

    who are you more comfortable with.

    dont play both of there hearts.

    • I agree, not cheating but doesn't look good one bit !

      My girlfriend hinted that she might have done that if given the opportunity back then. You know pick the 'best' one. I told her if that was the case, we wouldn't be together right now.