Why does my ex contact me if he's in a relationship?

What are some honest reasons?


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  • it maybe he is missing you or fooling around or maybe he wants s** ... there are millions of reasons but who cares he is in a relationship he has a life and I think you should have one too you deserve it so go on with your life ignore him and move on (he is an ex for a reason right?) but maybe if you think he is worth it then watch from a distance if the reason he is your ex has changed or not (not recommended)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm guessing to see if you have another boyfriend...
    Maybe to have a back up... if he fighting with the other girl.
    Maybe misses talking to u..
    To see if you are missing him...

    It can be a number of things..

    What do u think it is...


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  • He's not over you.


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