Want to text him... don't know what to say?

I met this guy a couple of days ago & since we don't live in the same state he got my number we've texted yesterday and the day before that, and he started both convos

i want to initiate a convo with him so he knows I'm thinking of him, but I think I should wait a few days so he'll wonder where I am.

I also don't really know what to say. ''hey cutie. You're on my mind'' etc, don't want to seem desperate or not interested

What are you guys' opinions. What ya think


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  • Here's what I think, it's texting. People do it every single day. It's not like a phone call where it's clingy if you call everyday. I'm sure you get what I mean. But anyways just talk to him right now, text him saying "hey cutie" after that ask him "how was your day? " don't tell him he's on your mind he will know. Obviously he's on your mind if your texting him. That's just what I think,and just be yourself don't even think and post questions like this ask him anything. Really. And if you spend days waiting to text him he mite just forget about you since you live in different states.


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  • Text him right now, don't wait. If you wait he's liable to keep looking for someone in the mean time. As for what to say, just say hi. Ask him what he's up to, make small talk, and then say "ok gotta go". That way you initiated, and it'll keep him interested.


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  • I agree with the previous poster. Just text him. I never understood why people always do the "wait so he'll/she'll wonder. " don't play the game! I also agree that you should start with something basic, like just wondering how your day was going? Or you could even casually mention getting together sometime, it's really up to you how deep you want to go. I'm definitely against the waiting though :-)

    *good luck!*

    • Don't make him wait, you make him wait he will think you don't like him and he will move on. Since you just met him a couple days ago, I wouldn't do the hey sexy, or cutie thing just yet. Just talk like you with anyone else.