Are polls on this site accurate? Or do people vote more to what people want to hear?

I've seen a number of polls about does this person like me given these signs; is this a dealbreaker; could you date someone with this issue; etc and I always answer with brutal honesty, it makes me wonder if others vote the same way or try to boost moral for voting the 'happy' answer or the one the person wants to hear, yes it's no problem; I could past it; I don't mind people like that etc. So people of gag do you vote on what you truly believe when people ask close to home issues about what they find attractive or dating deals etc? Or do you try to help the person out by choosing what helps them most (I get this covers only some poll questions and not things like entertainment etc)


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  • I vote however I feel. It's not like they see who votes anyways.

    • Exactly the same here

    • I was thinking the anonymousness, excuse the engrish haha, was what potentially makes this site more reliable than others about people's prefernces or opinions, I've seen questions if guys find skinny or fat girls attractive, if girls could date a bald guy, if person A has a shot with person B etc and sometimes I wonder if those people answer honestly which is why I asked this question

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  • I always vote honestly


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  • What would be the point in lying?

    • Best example, someone asks if some physical flaw they have is a dealbreaker for the opposite sex in dating, they vote no yet actually if faced with a person with that issue would have an issue with it because they never thought they'd have to actually face it.

    • Personally, I think it's silly to ask questions like that since a lot of girls will overlook physical "flaws" and find them endearing or not worry about it because they like so many other parts of the person.

      BUT if they don't like the person as an individual even the perfect, flawless, person will become ugly to them.

  • I think they're accurate.


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