Guys, Scenario for guys living in the US: would you?

You are a dishwasher at a restaurant where there is a waitress that likes you, you think. She is somewhere from 8 to ten years younger perhaps. Anyway, she is 18. Could you possibly like her back? If you did, what would be stopping you from initiating?

For example, things stopping you might be:
1. Age (eww)
2. Not wanting to be seen as a rapist
3. Workers are not supposed to date each other
4. Or anything else that I am missing...


  • I could be attracted
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  • No
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  • Yes, but its not a good idea to date
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  • I could be attracted, but I would be a creep if I was.

    • Like you mean you would feel like a creep for being attracted or you would only be attracted if you were a creep?

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  • Yes, I would.
    Why would I look like a rapist? All those things you listed are artificial limits.

    She over 18 ? Check !
    She into me? Check !
    Ok then !
    I don't ask anybody else's permission but her own to date.

  • Age and the co-worker factor, for me.

  • No, I'm against dating coworkers.

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