What would you do if the girl you kind of liked lost interest in you? Would you keep trying to make her like you again? Or give up entirely?

Ima say the whole story here. So in 9th grade i started liking this boy named (not actually saying the name but i am saying his secret name for certain purposes) Burento. He's tall, white, super skinny, brown hair and wears glasses. But anyways one of his friends named "LMAO" started liking me. He told me on facebook he liked me while Burento was on a vacation for a week. I didn't like the fact i liked burento (since we were friends). So i tried to give LMAO a try but didn't work. When Burento came back, a couple days later he told me that LMAO told him at lunch he thought i liked him, i said i didn't and i was really mad. LMAO overheard me talking about how much i liked Burento to a friend of mine during gym, and started telling his group of friends in lunch about me. On how he liked me but he thinks i liked brent. Thats when burento figured out i liked him. When he told me this once again he told me he didn't want to be friends anymore. I just pretended that i didn't hear him but after that, it was awkward for awhile. The next day however was absolutely normal, like if nothing happened. 10th grade i had NO classes with him except lunch. We didn't talk at all in person but we did on Facebook. Just the normal stuff. At the end of 10th grade he told me he liked me back. I was of course very happy with this news. But it seemed weird since we didn't do anything that year. And now im feeling a little doubtful of his confession. Since he never really showed interest for me at all, and he's been ignoring my messages. Its almost time for 11th grade and im very nervous to see him but i am going to tell him how i feel. I don't know if i should give up on him... or keep trying to see how it goes?


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  • Sorry to say but it does sounds like he's reaching out more because he is single and wants any relationship and knows he can get one from you.

    • Oh gosh i always get answers from guys here that i never would have thought myself. But thanks by the way

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  • Most of them would probably give up.


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