Guy didn't offer to take me home and it was late? Is that a deal breaker?

Guy im dating didn't offer to take me home even though it was like 2:00 in the morning.. and he didn't text me to see if i got home either all he did was walk me to my bus stop.

What do you think?


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  • So he could have driven you?

    Would you do the same for him if he didn't ask?

    • Yeah I mean he could've at least offered to or asked me if I got home safe... I don't get it honestly. He is so nice otherwise

    • I've spaced like that before, it might have just not occurred to him.

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  • That's shitty but I'll be damned if I be someone who breaks relationships cos that's none of my business.

    • yeah like he is so nice otherwise but this really made me feel like he doesn't give a shit

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  • Not really. Speak up and say you want a ride next time. I take the bus and train at 3 am to work and just hanging with buds so this wouldn't phase me at all.

    • My point is don't let one thing ruin it if everything else is good. What if he gave up on you because you didn't think to text you good morning one day. It makes me think of silly stuff like that.

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    • Yeah i dont know.. i mean guys i barely know text me to ask me if i got home safe

    • Not everyone is going to conform to what people in your past have done for you. Just like how you didn't check on him like I did for my boyfriend in the beginning. Everyone is different.

  • He is very careless... not the boyfriend material..

    • yeah... i dont get it cause he is super nice otherwise

  • I would never speak to him again


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