Friend-zoned? He doesn't like me eh?

He said: " We are friends. I really do like talking to u. I might feel what u feel. But I would only hurt u. Seriously, I do have issues that makes me not able to be with someone. I been around. I understand people. I want u to be happy." :)


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  • What did you say before this

    • " I'm comfortable around you, warm and fuzzy, and i enjoy talking to and being around you (which are what he mentioned that as feelings of like) i think we're friends, but other times, i donno. Gosh darn it X!!! i donno what to do.. what to comprehend anymore. i like how we are right now (as friends). "

    • Ok... so basically you asked what you guys were. And that was his response? He's toying with your emotions

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