Should I ask his friend what happened?

Okay, so my boyfriend got in trouble with his bestfriend and I don't really know what happened but he's been grounded for awhile, we haven't talked for almost two weeks which is really rare for us.. When I asked his mom what happened she didn't tell me, I'm getting worried.😓 I was considering asking his friend (who he got in trouble with) but I'm afraid I'll seem snoopy... Which I'm trying not to but I'm getting really worried. Should I ask his friend what happened or not? He's been grounded and hasn't had his phone but normally uses his iPod to text me. Help plz?
  • Yes, ask his friend what happened
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  • No, don't ask
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  • yes you should ask


What Girls Said 1

  • You are his girlfriend and nobody has so much as even bothered to let you know what is up. Definitely ask his friend. You kinda deserve to know why it has been almost 2 weeks of no contact.

    • Thank you, and you're very right.

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