Why is he having sutch a hard time deciding?

long story short is that a guy had intrest in me and i had intrest back. then he told me it wasn't going to work out so i decided not to waste anymore time trying to make something happen inbetween us. then as soon as he finds out (and god knows how he found out sins this new guy im seeing and him dosent even know eachother) im starting to having intrest for someone else he does everything he can in his power to make something happen inbetween us.

the thing now is that i dont even want to have anything to do with this guy relationship wise. im fine with chatting with him and stuff but thats it really. i just get a feeling that he's having a really hard deciding anything over all and is just going back and forth not knowing what he's actually doing. as i also said earlier, i have no intrest in him left and I've moved on from him. there's not going to be anything inbetween me and him and he's going to have to accept that. but i still feel like he thinks that there is a chance of something happening inbetween me and him and i think im actually going to lose it and yell at him if i find out thats the case.

should i just confront this guy? ask him if he actually think there is going to be something inbetween us?
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  • He said no
    now jealous
    Tip of iceberg is screaming at you - a future with this guy will always be this way, do you like being a yo-yo? I read it's not fun now & this isn't even dating yet.

    Ignore him so he has time to find another gal that loves being a yo-yo, confrontation, drama, guessing.

    • Good point. Poor girl who ever choses to date the guy in the future.

    • Some gal will take all this as love, even better than she's had before
      for there is someone for each of us that fits and once a fit is found, we are all able to change for the better

      Went through a jealous nightmare - something from the past ignited it and maybe b/c of that, the person will never truly trust anyone down deep

    • excatly. im going to ignore him as it is for now. but if he brings this up im going to confront him and just tell him how it is. thank you for your help! enjoy MHO!

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