Should I call her while she is away?

I just started dated this girl. We went on our first date and it was good. However, she is going back home for the holidays for 10 days and she has not been home for sometime. I called her before she left and all is good. Now, I texted her to wish her Merry Christmas as I did not want to disturb her family reunion. And she replied with the same warm greeting.

Now, my question is should I call her to say hello since there is another week to go till she comes back or should I wait?


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  • Sometimes there needs to be a balance of power and tension to keep a girl on the line, especially when she's away. That being said, girls can quickly forget about how fun a guy is if he's not in her life.

    So how do we balance the power of "being fun and awesome" without "being needy"?

    Ideally you want her missing you so bad she CALLS YOU. But I don't know how shy this girl is, because some girls just won't do this.

    So it's in your court.

    From my experience it's better to have been too needy and have scared her away, then to have been too "distant" causing her to become bored.


    I'd suggest sending her a fun text message, perhaps a photo. If she can send photos back, then a great game of "guess where I am" can begin.

    You send a photo (perhaps of a napkin) and you say "Play a game with me this season.. it's called ' Guess Where I Am. '

    She looks at the photo and takes a guess, "ABC Country Restaurant?"

    You reply, "Amazing! I'll do better next time."

    This way you can send each other photos back and forth over the next week. Just do it casually, don't try to force the fun by sending her 5 photos in one day. One is enough, followed up with a little banter, "Ya, I'm glad you're not here because now I can finally eat my toast without fear of losing it to you. Ha!" (in reference her eating your toast last breakfast... or some other inside joke.)

    If this is too much work, try a text message that's simple, like "Knock Knock!" to which she'll reply, "Who's there?" to which you say, "Cash." to which she'll say "Cash Who?" to which you say, "No thanks, I prefer peanuts." Or some other terrible joke.

    My point? I've forgotten. Don't pester her, but it's okay to follow up with text or phone call. Just be sure that if you call you have a fun story to share... don't call her hoping she'll entertain you. Your goal is to remind her how fun you are to chat with.

    ~ Robby

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  • Hell yesss, I went on a second date when this guy and we were together after that and I went away for a while too. He texted me everydayy<3

  • Go for it! Just simply ask her how everything's going over there, what she got for Christmas, and so on.


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