Would you consider that my boyfriend is acting "distant" now after sex?

My boyfriend is in his 30's. We have been dating for quite some months now. Have a wonderful connection, get a long really well, and have developed a friendship as well. We just seem to be able to talk about anything and everything. He constantly talks about his future, goals and normally always includes me in them. He asks what mine are etc. We both talk about how it feels like we've known each other for a long time. He asked if we wanted to date exclusively after a week or so. He usually always texts me first and we speak for most of the day. We have very serious talks all the time, for example, he is Asian and he talks about that having a Caucasian wife would be perfect for our childrens upbringing as it balances family values, and what children are taught. We normally see each other at least 3 or 4 times a week. He has quite a demanding job from what I am aware of and usually has to travel, and barely gets any notice. He is very much a hands on and thoughtful man, will carry my bag for me or do whatever in order for me to be comfortable. He will compliment me and notice very small things. I only slept with him the other day for the first time. Afterwards, we cuddled, slept for a bit and then we then went out for dinner that night and he was talking about how happy he is that he met me, and how sexy I am. I unfortunately got my period and he was very thoughtful about it, making sure I got my santiary things at the shops. We were originally going to have room service, but we went out instead because of needing to go to the shops. He was waiting on a call from his boss by then. When we got back to the hotel, we cuddled, laughed some more and watched some tv. His boss called him, which I heard was a man speaking on the phone and obviously told him that he needed to be in another country (which is in driving distance) by the morning. He was fairly apologetic.

We spoke the next morning, asking if I slept well. I replied asking how was his morning, he told me and then I asked what he was doing for the night, then no reply. The next morning, he texted me saying hello and asking how I am. I replied saying I was well and left it at that, until hours later that night he replied saying he is back.


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  • Yeah kinda odd. You should call him out on it.


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  • yes he is.


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