Should I be with a guy who is cheating on his girlfriend for me?

I know this guy for 2years now. He's been dating a common friend for 1.5years. Over 5months back I realised I had feelings for him and got the same vibes.. Confronted him.. he says he loves me. The thing is.. He's a really nice person I've known him enough. He's not the kind to cheat on someone neither am I.. The situation is making us do wrong. We know its wrong but there's this pull. Emotional physical. But he's not ready to leave his girlfriend. He's too nice to break her heart I know that.. But then he can't have it both ways. Isn't cheating worse? We've gotten physical too but I'm sure this is not only physical for him.. I don't understand what to do. Why can't he just man up and take a decision? Either her or me? Does he not love me enough? Things will get complicated if he leaves her and sees me.. Coz of friends and stuff.. But can't he leave his comfort zone for me? I don't understand what to do about this.. At all.


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  • I suggest you wait it out. Don't cheat, it'll just hurt the girlfriend even worse. If those two are not meant to be together, then time will make it happen. If he dumps her, then make sure he's very gentle about it, and wait at least 3 months before going out with you. That way, she won't feel like she was dumped for another girl.

    • Thanks for not judging and actually helping.

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    • You can't know until you ask.

    • All I get is.. He doesn't know what to do.. As messed up as I am

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  • That's wrong. I'm probably wrong and I want to believe in what you said and in your intuition, but he could be just making excuses to be with both of you. If he truly loves you he has to be a man and be able to leave his girlfriend. Wait till he feels prepared to leave his girlfriend. It's the best you can do.

    • Thanks for not judging. I'm sick of people judging me.

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    • I guess I'm going to let him go. And if he really wants me enough he'll come back right? After breaking up with her ofc.. I can't cheat on her anymore.. Thanks a ton

    • You're completely right. I believe if he loves you he will leave his girlfriend, even if he doesn't want to hurt her. Tell him you love him but you can keep doing this. He has to make his decision and if he leaves his girlfriend you'll be waiting for him.
      You're welcome and good luck!

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  • You two deserve each other. You should both be so proud of yourself

    • Was that sarcastic?

    • You're both horrible people

    • Yeah I guess. I know I'm wrong so I'm not going to fight you. I wish you just didn't judge and understood

  • If he is willing to cheat on your friend for you, what makes you think he won't do the same thing with another girl? Not ready to leave his girlfriend translates to he still has feeling for her and is using you for entertainment or he realized that he could have sex with both of you and is doing so for entertainment. At the same time the fact that you are involved with him even though you know he is cheating implies a loose sense or morality. So it appears as though you guys deserve each other. However, I dont know you so that last part was a bit harsh. My apologies, It is meant as a wake up call. In my opinion you will probably be happiest in the long run if you break it off with him and sincerely apologize to your mutual friend. She probably won't take it well but you will probably feel better inside

  • I have been in this situation, women who wanted to cheat on their boyfriend with me. I always demanded they break up with or tell him first.


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  • He cheats on her. Why wouldn't he cheats on you?

  • You're a homewrecker and he's a cheater. I don't know the answer to your question but that's exactly what you two are and should be labelled as.

    • I totally understand what makes you say that.. But can you for once understand? Without judging? I've been through a breakup before so the last thing I would want is to put someone through one.. You don't choose to fall for people.. It happens.. don't judge. Understand

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    • So it's best to stay away and hope that the poor girl (his girlfriend) sees him for the scum that he is.

    • You know I don't even know who you are but I'm sorry. I can sense the anger in your tone. All I can say is.. I hate myself for it too and yeah I do stay away from him as much as I can. Thanks :)

  • I think you should let go of him. its a bad situation to be in. if he cheats on her he will most likely cheat on you too


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