How to handle a hurtful friend?

I have a friend who made snide remarks to me about a girl i have been building up a relationship with. Yesterday another girl told me she went to lunch with this friend of mine and said she was very rude to her calling her nosey and telling the other lady her lunch was unhealthy. My friend is due to go to dinner with this girl again and 2 others, one being the girl i've been building up a relationship with. I told the girl that confided to me yesterday to keep an eye out for what she says to my lady in case she is forward and says something hurtful to her. Do you think i should say something to my lady as a passing comment?
well i meet with my date tonite and in passing mentioned that girl can be very forward and i just ignore it. thank you


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  • You should say something.

    • Thanks, do you think something like this would work, 'are you looking forward to the meal with the girls after work, should be good fun, though just to let you know, xxx can be forward to people, not saying she will be but if she is, take what she says with a pinch of salt'.

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