Women like assholes when they're young and attractive?

And then they "mature" (i. e get old and desperate) and like good men, who they marry, considering they're about 35 by then, and have sex with for three years... before divorcing so he can pay over a decade of child support while she's likely sleeping with some new guy with the excuse being that she doesn't "feel it anymore". Why do women act like this is a fair trade off "Don't worry, sure, ladies sleep with assholes while they're young and attractive, but they marry nice guys when they're old and out of options! And then cheat on and divorce him anyway!" yup, dating is fucking awesome.


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  • Stop being bitter towards women. Just because you have poor choices in women doesn't give you the right to hate all women and generalize all women. I have dealt with guys who have lied to me, I have dealt with men who used me for sex and I have been verbally abused by men. I'm engaged. Don't take your failed relationships out on women. Make better choices improve yourself. Even after I have been hurt I still remained sweet even though I would be angry at times but I'm human

    • Well then, looks like YOU have a poor choice of men

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    • HAHA, I already mentioned that in my post, humans are all the same, theyre all filth, I'm not bitter, I'm a realist

    • You don't want to "help" me, you want to hurt me like everyone else

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  • i disagree every girl is different. it just seems like that because you are after girls that are not your type.


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  • Actually, sounds like a great plan :D

    Who would want to end up with these "nice guys" anyways...

  • Foil their evil plans, get a vasectomy.


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