Willing, but shy?

I wanna chat with a girl I've been eyeing in my class at university since last year, but I'm so damn shy!

How can I muster up the courage and what do I say to her? And please not the usual stuff of be yourself and pay her a compliment upfront...


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  • Shyness can be so debilitating. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. The only way to become less she is to face your fears by putting yourself in situations which usually make you feel uncomfortable

    Start by smiling at her, eventually say hello. Try to
    draw her into a convo about the university... it's neutral ground. When you talk to her focus on what she is saying rather than focusing on how you are coming across. Look for opportunities to chat with her.


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  • Is she in the same program as you?

    • Yeah she is, we both study accounting

    • Ask her if she wants to study together. Or just see if she wants to grab coffee. People rarely say no to coffee.

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