Should a 23 year old woman be dating a 19 year old boy?

Let me start by saying i've never been with a younger guy and nor did I ever think I would be in this situation. It all started recently when we went out drinking with a common friend. There was a moment between us and we kissed, that's when I realized I liked him. However, I'm so conflicted about the situation because of our age difference. He's leaving for a week for a prior commitment and told me that he wanted to start dating after he came back. I'm kinda of glad he's leaving just so I can take the time to figure things out. I can't help but be conflicted about this given I always felt uneasy about dating a younger guy, but I feel like I really like him. What's everyone's opinion about this?
by the way he's turning 20 before the end of the year while I recently turned 23 which makes him 3 years and about 4 months younger than me.


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  • no he's a man. sorry, but you're both of the same generation.


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  • Lots of women do it. Joan Collins once dated a guy that was about thirty years younger than her.

    I don't think the age difference is major. If you were 30 and he was 18 it might seem a bit strange but given that it's just 3 years or so and you have great chemistry, you both like each other, etc., why not give it a shot? What's to lose? You're gonna lose a guy you like because of 3 years and 4 months age difference? Would be a shame methinks.

    • Maybe that's exactly y i'm conflicted because part of me cares and the other is saying what the hell, what's the big deal. Thank you!

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  • It's three years. Get over it.

    • I'm trying to get over it trust me. I think the reason why i'm really minding it it's because the people that know about us keep pointing it out in ways. Especially, yesterday when our common friend who was there with us the day it happened asked me about how I was feeling about everything and then stressed the fact that he's 19 and i'm 23 as if it's a huge deal.

    • Lol wtf is up with my arithmetics? So four years. Still not much.

      Yeah well it's not your friend's relationship, is it? So they can get bent.

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  • No need to overthink things.
    Maturity has very little to do with age and he might possibly be more mature than another guy in his 20's.
    Give him a chance and see how it goes.

    Younger is not alway worse and older is not always better.
    My fiance is 6 years younger than me and it works out just fine.

    • Agree. I've dated a lot of guys way older than me and around my age and it hasn't worked out so far so who knows. Thank you!

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