Is craving intimacy bad?

So I'm in a relationship with a gender neutral person. (she was born a girl and doesn't mind what pronouns I use so I'm going to use 'her/she'). We've been together for 8 months and have known each other for nearly 4 years; she means so much to me and I'm 99% sure I love her. But we're more best friends than in a relationship. We've never been on a date or been intimate or anything. I feel like the only reason she asked me to identify as her girlfriend was so I wouldn't date other people. I'm always being told I'm a bit of a pushover but I went along with it anyway because I love her and want her to be happy. I'm actually attracted to guys and have a lot of guy friends too because I naturally get along better with them. My girlfriend always gets really jealous whenever I hug or sit with one of my friends and I don't get it. I always really look forward to the goodbye hug... etc and I'm a really cuddly person anyway so I'll hug anyone. My guy friends have been inviting me to cuddle or like use them as a chair if there is nowhere to sit or like carry me so I don't ruin my shoes... etc. And it's really nice because I feel like my girlfriend doesn't want to touch me. (I'm not looking for sex or anything). Anyway I asked my friends if what we were doing was cheating and they said no but my girlfriend was all possessive. She even talks to this other girl online more than she does to me. I feel like I'm her only irl friend and she's too jealous to let me date or whatever. I can't lose her though, she's so special to me and has even saved my life. I'm so confused. I would prefer to be her girlfriend and have no one touch me ever than lose her...


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  • Do whatever you have to do to have her.


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