I can't spend a good time cuz I miss my boyfriend a lot , and I kindda lost trust in him , Help :/ ?

Hello ^^
I am on a trip with my family these days :( and i can't enjoy my time at 100% cuz i think continiously about my boyfriend , and i miss him a lot we used to voicetalk every morning and Skype everynight but now the only thing i can do is texting him , i had problems in trusting him few days ago so i told him and he started showing me more love ( thats good i know ) but still i dont trust him 100% so it makes me feel worse besides missing him i start having bad thoughts and the most tough is that it will continue for 15 days cuz i won't go home before 15 days i really want to enjoy my vacation time what can i do to feel better and stop obsessing over that?


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  • What made u distrust him?

    • He comes back late at home and he doesn't show me love often like before when i talk to him i feel like he have to talk to me but doesn't want to , I found out that he follows 500 girls on instagram Oo.. and we dont have sex often like before those things... :/

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    • Girl. Then can I give u one advice?

      Chillax for now. Enjoy ur vK with ur family. And when u return I am sure that u will be able to work things through :)

    • Thank you for MHO :)

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  • just distract yourself.

    • I tried i went to the beach.. i couldnt it gets annoying cuz i can't get him out of my head

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