I wasted my years away?

Im 23 and live at home. My living situation never been healthy, we grew up with an emotional unstable mother and sister, my younger sister left home at 18 because she couldnt take it. My brother left at 17. Im 23 and still live at home, with my mother and sister of 28,5. I m ANGRY at myself because i didn't wanted to accept that we have a broken family, I wasted my young adult years with them, im ANGRY, SO ANGRY IM DEPRESSED. How am i ever going to get over this? i feel like i was used to the drama and the abuse i couldnt imagine a life without it... i never had a boyfriend either because my mental state wasn't ok.


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  • You're still young enough to live the life you want.

    Both you and your sister!!

    Just like your younger brother and sister took charge of their lives and moved out.
    You should too.
    You can't grow in an environment that hinders you.

    • im moving out in two weeks hopefully , im searching for a house for months now and its going slow, im angry at my sister too, she ruined my life

    • Wow she was a part of it?

      We can't take back our past.
      But we can grab a hold of our future.

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