Girls, am I a jerk for only going after below average looking women?

Am I a jerk for that?


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  • That's not jerky. But don't think so poorly of yourself. You might be handsome to women you find attractive. And if looks is all they can see and care about, then they're very shallow and not worth your time.

    • Only some women that I thought was attractive thought I was good looking. Most people stick in their league. Didn't you know that?

    • Yes, I do know that. But if a guy I'm not interested in initially due to his appearance comes around, I will give him a shot and most times come around too. Looks aren't everything. And some of us have come to realize it's what's inside that trumps what's on the outside.

    • There aren't many people like you. Most attractive people only go after attractive people since that is what they can get. Most of them don't date average and below average looking people because of that. Most average looking people don't bother to ask good looking people out since they know most likely they would get rejected and most don't go after below average looking people since they can get average looking people. Most below average looking people don't go after average or good looking people since they know most likely they know they will reject them. I have no problem with only going after ugly women.

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  • Why and why would you do that?

    • Cause I am ugly, most people only go after people in their league

  • Define what tpye of situation you mean below average woman?

    • Below average is a nice way of saying ugly. I am below average and going after women in my league

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    • What do you mean?

    • There is a positive and negative side to it too how people might view going out the their tpye of people. Like pretty people, there are average and below average people that are also very picky on who they choose to date and that becomes a problem. And that is why people should see both situations.

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