How much space is enough?

So I've been dating this girl for 2 months. We have a lot in common and share similar interest. We go out every weekend. It's going well, but I get mixed signals from her that she likes me. Like hot and cold signals. I've been told by her bestfriend that she likes me but has some insecurity and trust issues from her past relationships. She was cheated on. Her bestfriend told me to take baby steps to getting her. We went out twice this week. But she told me she had to do some things this Saturday and couldn't come out even though we agreed on the date. That's when I got the hint that she needs some space. How much space do I give her without loosing her? How do I show her that I'm not like the other guy, that my intentions are true to the heart? I want to make her my girlfriend. Her BBF told me not to tell her that she told me all this.


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  • Maybe send her cute texts once a day at a specific time? For example 1:00 hey beautiful or you look amazing. But don't be obsessed with her let her know that you see different signals and wouldn't mind talking about any issues she has and remind her that your not like the other guys. You could also send flowers to her work or to her house with a little not saying how much you love her. Give her space but not too much.

    • I was thinking not texting her for a week or two. What do you think? Her signs go cold or hot. Like she text me quick and excited and other times she takes along time to text back. Like when I try to get to know her she puts up a protect wall so I don't "hurt" her like the other guys. I really like this girl and want to take it slow and wait for her.

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  • Just don't talk to her for a while.

  • dont contact her as much, let her contact you.


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