Guys, How often should a boyfriend talk or text to his girlfriend to show each other they love each other?

And how should they make the spark more for a 8 month relationship. How does one know a guy truly loves her and not playing games with her heart. By making your boyfriend jealous will it bring him closer to you , to see that other guys want you too... other than him and when you are dating your boyfriend... So to see he cares because at times it is hard for me to read him... Do guys not communicate how they feel?


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  • First how often you guys talk to each other is not a way to measure love. Go with what ever feels right, unless you guys Skype while sleeping, my sister used to do that and it was creepy as fuck. As for the second question if you have dated for 8 months you should know wether or not he is a good person. If he is worth pursuing then no he will not play games with your heart. NEVER try to make him jealous to bring you closer together. That is more likely to break you guys up. Just as you dont want a guy playing games with your heart, dont play games with his. Also guys may not always be the best to articulate the feelings, but if he cares about you you can tell by his actions. He will go out of his way to make you feel happy if he loves you.

    • True but at times it is hard to read him if he does... I think if i was making timefor social media.. I have timeon my hands.. Or bored.. Hence i could text my girl if not to keep that connection no matter what..

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