Is it wrong of me to date him?

I was broken up with a few months ago by my ex because he thought I wasn't taking the relationship/coutship seriously. It had only been a month and that wasn't enough time for me to commit to him, so he dumped me.

I haven't gotten over him very much. We haven't had any contact since the break up. But I've begun dating a new guy about a month ago who is very nice and who I have fun with. I want to move on from ex and I want to move forward with this new guy. But that is the complete opposite of where I am emotionally. I am hoping that with enough time I will eventually stop missing him. But I feel really bad that I'm so hung up on this guy and dating someone else. I thought it was part of the healing process and would help me to move on, plus I really do like new guy. So is it wrong for me to keep dating him when I am attached to another?

If my ex were to contact me, I wouldn't date him but I would probably want to be friends. I would never cheat on anybody. So all that covered, is what I'm doing wrong? I don't want to hurt anyone


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  • not wrong at all.


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