I don't have any "Crushes"?

I'm definitely not gay. I'm starting 10th grade of public school here in September, my second year of High School, and I have never dated anyone before. I've never even had an intrest in any of my peers. I have lots of friends that are always talking about girls and liking them, then finding out they like them back and all that sort of thing, but I have never thought to myself "Oh she's cute" or anything like that. I'm not even attracted to any good looking people, because I feel like I need to know them in order to like them, but I dont know how to get to know anyone really--Especially girls. I have 2 or 3 friends that are female and I dont have any strong feelings towards them, and its obvious they they dont towards me.

I honestly dont even know where to begin or what this means, even though this is probably normal I'm guessing. Does anyone have anything to say about this? Or has had a similar experience?


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  • It may simply be you haven't found anyone near you who you are romantically interested in. There are also aromantic people, who only want/like non-romantic relationships, and demi-romantic people, who only feel like they could be in a relationship with someone after they know them well and have an emotional connection. Does any of this come close to how you feel?

    • Yeah, the "Demi-Romantic" thing is pretty close. I think a problem there then is that I dont know how to get to know people well enough to have that kind of relationship.

    • That's usually a sort of practice thing, unfortunately. Try finding common interests and going from there!

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  • You should look up the term demisexual, and I think you'll find camaraderie with that word. It's not abnormal at all and if that's what makes you comfortable then embrace it.

    • I think that is it.

    • I mean I have a friend who is like that, he's just 23 and getting a girlfriend, now, very happy, ut just isn't interested in gals for the most part, unless apparently, if they're her lol...

  • its totally normal.


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  • Ayyy I'm in 12th now! My best friend is just like you, and it's funny because we are opposites. He's majorly introverted, and usually quiet while I'm extroverted and loud sometimes. I can also be introverted too since I'm like 50/50 with introvert/extrovert. Just chill out. Just like what the mho said, you haven't found someone that you're romantically attracted to. I'm the same way. Almost all highschool girls annoy the hell out of me with their stupid immaturity and drama. The only one I ever found that was worth dating u had a relationship with for about 2 years. Just have fun and realize that being single isn't bad. Hell when you're fresh out of a ltr it feels awesome! So many possibilities.


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