What to do when dating an INDEPENDENT woman?

Met this girl about 2 weeks ago.
Been on 3 dates so far with more planned.
We are both into eachother and have told eachother so.
I she told me the other day that she is a very independent girl.
At times I get the feeling that she just wants to date and not be in a relationship. But I know that's what her end goal is... to be in a relationship.

What are some things I should do when dating an independent girl like her? Things to keep her, not drive her away, keep her interested, etc?

Thanks for reading and have a great night :)


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  • I'm independent. So when I tell people this I mean, I take care of myself, I'm not quick to ask for favors because I don't like owing people anything, and I also don't like showing that I'm I am struggling or hurt emotionally.

    Basically, I like to stay happy at all times to distract me from all the responsibilities I have.

    Dating independent women isn't really any different from dating any other woman. You have to get to know her, not her label.

    I like kind gestures of chivalry & gifts. I like watching action movies & working out. I also like cooking different recipes I found on youtube. Hitting up clubs aren't a must, but just to stay current on the social scene I will show my face.

    All independent women aren't like me & may not like what I do, so stay focused on her & actually process what she is telling you that she likes.
    Good Luck!


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