I'm not interested but when Iam I just keep meeting horrible guys why?

one guy like he he got out a relationship I said straightforward how I felt thought he was cute he said he liked me he just got out of his 4yr relationship & wanted to move on with me so she comes back in his life & he tried to play it off as for us to only be friends. He dodged every time to hang out & his ex that's trying to work things out wit him , that he said he wanted to move wit me. & that he wanted to give me oral sex & intercourse & she was giving me an attuide about it like its my fault he wrote that to I don't know why this happens to me but I need help bad.


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  • don't mess with a guy who's still playing around with his ex, the guy hasn't moved on and won't give you the attention you deserve. Just keep trying, you're still very young.

    • I honestly don't wanna try anymore, I don't wanna seem like I like every or anybody & im just tired of bs after bs, but everything you said is true, but I know people younger than my age that have found that one. & yeah it's hurts that he dragged me in between his relationship like I really could have cared less. But why drag me into that it's annoying like your happy making others feel bad.

    • he's just manipulating you whether intentionally or not because if things fall through with his ex, he then has you to move on to. Trust me on the you have time bit, you don't want to rush something like a relationship. People who say they've found their one before 18 probably are just in love but it doesn't mean they're the one.

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  • try to find someone better/.


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