More than one girl that you like, who to choose?

So there are 3 girls that you are in contact with and they each ask you to hang out on a Saturday to go to some event, the girls do not know each other and you thought you were friends with them but then they ask you to hang out one on one. What would you do?
  • Ask all 3 to hang out together
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  • Try and organize a group hangout with more people
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  • Hang out with one of them and say you can't with the others
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  • Hang out with all of them one on one at different times
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  • Be honest and say other people have asked you to go but could possibly meet up for a while
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  • Tell everyone you are busy or can't make it
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  • ask all 3.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Pick the right one! Lol that's easier said than done, but I had the option to choose between two girls that were polar opposites a few years ago and they both liked me (I didn't notice that one of them did at the time, but now I kick myself for not noticing). I chose the easier catch and dated her for two years. Don't get me wrong, we were great together and those were two of the best years of my life, but I lost intrest and broke up. Looking back I think the other one might have been a better choice for me. Oh well.


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  • get to know all 3, then choose which one you like the most and date her. just don't be "that guy" and try to have a relationship with all 3, going on date and dating someone are 2 different things.


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