You hang out with someone, get a selfie and then they post it as their profile picture?

You meet up with one of your new friends in a group or your friends friend, you take a random selfie and then you see that they posted that photo on facebook and changed it to their profile picture, and there are comments saying you look good together and is that your new boyfriend/girlfriend and there are dozens of likes from both of your friends. What would you do?
  • Tell them to delete the picture
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  • Post a comment that you are not a couple, dating etc
    Vote B
  • ignore it
    Vote C
  • other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • well it doesn't really matter lol. people can think what they like. it depends on my mood tho. ill usually ignore it, but if i wanna make a point of it ill just be like "he's my mate guys :P" or something.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If it bothers you: A then B.
    Skip right to B if the person who posted the pic is playing into the assumption.


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  • What. Neither.

  • i ignore it.


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