What would you think if you're dating someone who used to set things on fire but don't anymore?

I'm referring to small stuffs like a folder, someone else's journal and other personal belongings, etc.

If they did this when they were 9 all the way to age 13 but stopped since, will that still be worrying to anyone? Is this something you should share if you're dating someone or keep this to yourself?

What will someone you're dating think if they were to find this out?
I know this isn't what a kid that age would normally do but if he/she doesn't do it anymore and got their issues fixed, should this past still count?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Um, no why are you hung up on it.

    • Ok. I guess it's because it would suck if this ruined a relationship. I was pretty much somewhat of a tomboy bully and had anger issues at that age. There came a point I wouldn't feel bad for anything. I'm not like that anymore and haven't been for the longest.

    • It's nothing to hate anyone over. Shit I used to burn thinges when I was in middle through high school. Fireworks, hydrogen bombs... etc. all in good fun.

    • Still even at 35 when I get together with my friends for camping, we pour about 2 gallons of Gass on the firewood and shoot fireworks at it to light it.

What Girls Said 1

  • I'd keep dating them, unless they had some wacko-ass fetish related to fire.
    Actually now that I think about it... it sounds sort of interesting.


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