Nervous/self-conscious about date at the beach?

Since it's been really hot lately, we both agreed on going to the beach.. this would be our 2nd date. I'm really self conscious about showing my body (I'm wearing a 2-piece that covers more than a bikini). It's not that I'm overweight, I'm actually kinda tall/thin but the thing is I'm literally as flat as a board haha.. like I'm not even a size A. It's always bothered me & I'm afraid it's a turnoff to guys. I also have a little bit of back acne which I hate. Do guys care about this stuff? Do you guys have any advice for me to get over my insecurities? Thanks!


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  • Cancel it you should have known better before you agreed, you are not ready for that yet do something else

    • No it's happening tomorrow and I'm not canceling it, even if there is something wrong with me

    • Then why rant about it then? Does not sound like your really that worried after all or you would have changed the plan

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  • They don't care as much as you expect them to care.


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  • Yea I care bout things like this but it's not a big deal since I'm not type to go to the beach. As far as your body, I would recommend getting into fitness and doing some exercise/workouts. Make sure you're eating lean and clean proteins/carbs so you'll be putting on some healthy weight. Goodluck!


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