If a girl doesn't bother to dress up or wear make up on a date, is she completely uninterested?

SO basically I asked this girl to come over to my place for dinner; I was cooking a good meal and had a bottle of wine. I got dressed up, I had just gotten a hair cut, and I had some good cologne on. My place was clean. I was at least a 7.5/10 that night too.

So first she showed up like 30 minutes late to the date. She also didn't put on any makeup at all, her hair was still wet and unbrushed from getting out of the shower, no perfume, and she was wearing a t shirt and sweats in addition to some flip flops. When I first met her, we made out for a while; she was wearing a beautiful dress and her hair perfectly done. She also wore high heels and had clearly spent a few hours working on her appearance.

She also made some bizarre comments during dinner--she was telling me a story of how she used to let a guy she friendzoned keep inviting her to hangout because she liked being told that she was pretty and thought he was funny. I couldn't help but think that it was a jab at me since I had previously said that she was a very fun person to be around I that I thought she was cute; I had also been making her laugh a good amount. But the date lasted 3 hours of just us talking so I think she enjoyed being around me. However, she kept telling me every so often how tired she was and she yawned quite a lot. I guess this was to make it clear that we weren't going to have sex lol.

To me it seems fairly bad though that she couldn't be bothered to spend hardly anytime. Maybe she was just rushing from her place because she was already late but i feel like im rationalizing.
But it does seem like she did her absolute best to make sure that I wouldn't make a move on her. She could not have made it more difficult; she was attracted to me at the party tho which is why i don't understand. We didn't have sex after the party but we cuddled very intimately--I said we shouldn't because we were drunk. Tell me what you guys think though. Is this a lost cause?


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  • No, the way she dresses and the effort she puts on her image has nothing to do with her interest or lack of.

    • That just seems very inconsistent to me. When a girl really likes a guy she generally tries to make herself look and smell as good as possible. That's why girls always try and fix their hair around a gup they like--because they're trying to prune themselves and make themselves as good as they can be. I mean if she tries to look as bad as she possibly can, doesn't that suggest that she is trying to make sure that I don't make a move and that I lose my secular attraction towards her?

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  • Almost certainly she is mostly or totally uninterested, yes.

    But, even if she is interested, you shouldn't like a girl like that. She is very disrespectful.

    • why did she make out with me when we first met though? it seems like she was interwsted at first?

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    • I don't know. But, what is clear is that she isn't now interested.

    • Yeah I guess so. I mean she was probably just drunk and when she sobered up she was probably like ewww but then didn't want to make me feel bad so she showed up but did her best to make herself look worse so that I wouldn't make a move.

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  • Hahaha sorry dude but she obviously isn't into you!

    Set a life dude, stop taking this so seriously.

    • the same anonymous butthurt retard. you're so lame that you're going through my questions

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    • No dude I just started on GAG. I apologize for mine, it might have been taken the wrong way!

    • Also why wouldn't I take my dating life seriously though? I mean the fact that I haven't had any girls interested in dating me is a cause for concern. I certainly don't want to be single my entire life with some desperate drunk girl having sex with me every 3 to 5 years for purely superficial reasons. That sounds terrible and what has happened so far. I mean it's definitely a problem. Girls cry their eyes out when a guy they like rejects them and considering I've failed with hundreds of girls I think I've been relatively positive and care free about the subject. But after so many rejections surely you can imagine that I would be serious about this. Yeah its only a small portion of my life, but it's a serious issue when 15 percent of your life just plain sucks.

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