Why is it so hard for me to get a girlfriend?

First of all im super tall--about 7'1. Im considered fairly attractive too and i've been told im ususally like a 7.5/10. But for some reason girls just aren't really into me and I explore a variety of places including greek life.

Initially I get a lot of what I call pseudo interest; girls say stuff like OMG UR SO TALL. But when I try to change the conversation to something else and eventually ask them to dance or get their number, im usually rejected because they were, and i guote, just "curious about my height." It seems like they're lfirting but hey're not. Im just a novelty.

Furthermore tall girls especially don't seem to be into me for some reason. I see a lot of tall girls at my school with shorter guys, holding hands and such. When I try to talk to them and engage them with charming covnersation, they seem aloof and uninterested. I usually leave abruptly at that point and apologize for bothering them. I would have thought taller girls would be jumping on me. I think im a catch--i make great money in teh stock market, im friendly and a gentleman, i have an awesome internship, im starting and start up with friends, i program, i play basketball, skateboard, debate, party and club, do occasionally drugs (except alcohol), and much more. I think I have a wide range of interests and I can hold a good conversation. I easily make friends with men and women. Im in a fraternity too.

But still, girls barely seem interested in me. My confidence has tanked because I've been rejected hundreds of times. Im not longer bothering to pursue women since im not getting anything back. IIts very discouraging to see my friends data and hook up while I go home to video games and drugs. Its been a very long time since I've had sex (only once too) and it was only because the girl was desperate and just getting over a breakup. I've become increasingly dependent on drugs because of so much rejection and lonliness. Psychologists have told me to deal with it and keep trying; useless.


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  • you are somewhat talking about me :( (except im tiny actually xD)

    but yea the whole admire from afar thing... *sigh*

    one day man... one day

    • yep it seriously blows living vicarioisly. and maybe not one day. some people just dont havr that spark

    • ... yea

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  • Your time will come soon and you'll find a tall girl yourself for you; just hang in there bro


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  • From what you've written, you seem like a great catch. I think you should just focus on the things that you're interested in. In time, a girl with the same interests as you will come along. You just have to give it time. Best of luck! :)

    • well thanks for the compliment! i would have thought that being a great catch would mean that at least a few women were into me but its weird that there aren't any women who are attracted to me right now. also there are pretty much ni girls who share the same intersts as me. how many women do you know that lime programming debate politics philosophy sciencr and mathematics? the problem is thst most women tend to be interested in things like fashion, celebrities, reality tv, gossip, etc. there's almost never any spark since i have unusual interests.

    • You're welcome.
      I'm surprised that you haven't come across many girls who share those interests. As a law student, I'm interested in politics, debate, and philosophy. I have friends who are studying towards their medical degrees who are interested in science and mathematics. The problem is that none of us are looking to be in a relationship. Maybe your issue is that you're looking in the wrong places? I don't know. Anyways, I hope you find the right person for you.

  • Don't worry, you'll find the right fella along the way.

    • Ah, good one. You're clever, how'd you come up with that?

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    • yeah except i dont find other guys sexually attractive. and i dont think it just aboit being to tall although im sure thats part of it

    • maybe... personality matters too, right?

  • I'll be your girlfriend 😉. 23, single, 5'4.

    • im flattered ;). you're into tall guys? asl lol

    • I love tall guys. They're like a gem. I love when a man towers over me and I have to tip toe to give him a hug lol.

    • by the way, on paper you seem like a real catch. I would love to date a guy like yourself.

  • 7'1? Holy shit. Haha i always have a thing for talk boys

    • are you a tall girl?

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    • Haha yes. How old r u btw?

    • im 22. how about you?

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