Guys, what doesit mean when ur boyfriend does not message u back... For hours or times days but mkes time for facebook andinstagram?

Am i not important for him... To message back...


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  • Some people do that. Maybe he wants to take a picture of something while he's out, but doesn't want to get into a long texting back and forth thing until later on. It's also possibly that he could be upset too, but not necessarily.

    • I get that... But wen u hv a girlfriend... Diesnt she come before... Anything else... He is ata family event this weekend butim thinking in a day if ur on at least times... Andihave to wait for days... That sucksfor me... Sigh.. Rigjt... What if idid that to show himhow it feels...

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    • Yes im... Wudnt u b...

    • Yeah probably.

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