How do I get closer to this guy?

So I'm 17 and I works at McDonalds... I work with this guy there who is the same age. I'm wondering how I can get closer to him with out it being weird and obvious. I already have him on Facebook and we hardly have any shifts together...


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  • Say to him heyyyy how bout a work date at maccas sometime. I'll make ya a big mac

    Nah just try striking up a conversation next time you do have a shift together. Smile and say hi when you see him. Really make an effort to talk and get to know him. And see if he responds with enthusiasm. He might get the hint if you try.
    It works at Woolies :P


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  • Talk to him more. Ask him about his interests etc. He will eventually warm up to you.


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  • Don't date workmates hun, it's not worth it


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