Should I tell her I miss her after she told me she is seeing someone else?

There was just an attraction between us and no bad blood. A new friend I really did like and didn't mind getting close to but things just did not fall into place. But i am here feeling like I miss her company. I am aware that once someone is involved elsewhere its just best to leave them alone. And that's what I have done and have not heard from her either.
Give thanks for your responses. Its been a weeks since she told me and so i will continue doing me. Thanks again


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  • Since you have no heard from her, it's clear to see she has moved on.
    I think you should too.

    You should keep your feelings to yourself.
    At this point, there really isn't any use in expressing them.

    If she's acting distant now... you confessing that you miss her,
    won't change the way she is acting.
    She'll continue to be cold and distant.

    Sometimes things are best left alone.


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  • Nope! Just cut off all links with her, and stop communicating. It's only gonna hurt you more. Stay away from her.


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  • No use in telling someone you miss them when they have moved on.

    It is pointless and nothing good comes of it. Just let it go and focus on meeting new women.

  • i think you should not.. you will miss her less with time.. and if you tell her.. it would just make things very awkward.. so better try to stop thinking about her


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