Should I tell her I like her still?

i was working with the girl i like tonight and again she smiled, laughed at me, was flirting and called me babe, we never get any time alone at work so i was gona text her telling her i like her, and this lad came to her till, they were talking and she finished her shift and walked away with him, the thing is i dont know if he is her new boyfriend or maybe just a mate she knows from college? anyway shud i still message her and tell her i like her?


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  • Personally, i would still message her, flirt and be friendly.. but i would hold back from revealing my true feelings for now. Wait until you know if she has a boyfriend or not, and until you know for sure she isn't just flirting with no intentions of pursuing a relationship with you.

    Don't be too open and put yourself in a vulnerable position until you know where you stand with her 💛

    • and how am i supposed to know if she has a bf? i only ever see her during work,

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    • the thing is i dont have much time, I've wasted to mauch by not telling her how i feel, maybe she thought i didn't like her and moved on?

    • I understand. You know the situation more than i do. So go with what your instinct is telling you to do.

      I do believe in telling people how you feel about them, because it may be the last chance you get to tell them, and you will always wonder , ' what if' .

      What will you regret more , telling her and discovering she has a boyfriend or not interested ( but to be honest, i think she likes you ) or not telling her and risk her moving on? Which scenario will hurt the most?

      I usually have to know for sure a guy is available or that he likes me before i admit i like him., but that's just me.

      You seem to like her a lot, so why not just tell her at the next opportunity. That way you'll know for sure where you stand with her. 😊💜

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  • the balls in your court


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  • You should tell her.

    • should i ask about the guy she was with first? oh and would it be ok to do it through text? we dont get time alone at work

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