Am I expecting too much too soon?

I am feeling confused about this guy. We went on three dates last summer, I ended up bailing on him the last time he asked me out because I had met someone else. I ended up adding him on fb mid December and he messaged me to go out again. I had bailed on him multiple times and again he kept wanting to go out with me so I thought he really liked me. This summer I decided to give him a second chance. So far we've been out 3 times in the span on ONE month, some of it has to do with the fact that i've been busy. Anyways he's really quiet on our dates and he said he's kind of introverted. I am starting to really like him. On Wednesday I asked him to come out with some of my friends to a comedy show. I decided after that date that I would let him get in contact with me this time since I had initiated the last date. On Friday he texted me asking me my weekend plans and said he was busy that night and then he said he was gonna work on sat and go to the gym. That afternoon on sat he texted me again asking what I was up to, I though he kept asking because he wanted to see me. So I invited him out with my friends told him we were going to see a band play and then go to a freinds bday. He said he was feeling tired and was just gonna take it easy and relax. Now I understand that maybe all this was too much for him at once, meeting some of my friends on that Wednesday and then be asked to meet them again on sat. But what I'm annoyed about is that he didn't suggest we hang out on Sunday. Am I sounding too needy for thinking this? I am just having mixed feelings, he has asked me out regularly since I met him last year but its always only once a week. I want to grow the relationship between us, should I give it more time? Its only been four dates or should I assume he's not interested enough?


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  • Introverted people find it hard to put themselves in a potentental rejection zone. And to compound that with a crowd of people that could witness that !! No most people that suffer that wouldn't go out to begin with. Have you considered asking him if he was comfortable being around your friends so soon? Or is it a case that you don't like to be with him unless they are around too?

    • No i do like to be around him regardless I think I just invited him because I thought it could be fun not realizing maybe it was too much too soon. Now i'm regretting this, I'm worried I scared him away. How can I get him back?

    • In all honest the best way would be to get in touch and appoligise and explain that him being uncomfortable didn't cross your mind , but also add that you weren't intending to neglect his feelings at all

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  • Just wait sweetheart. Even though y'all are going out on dates everyone needs their alone time to chill play video games workout or even be with friends. Just give it a bit until Wednesday and ask him again and then maybe talk to him about going on dates twice a week. I mean you can't automatically assume that he doesn't like you as much as you thought he did because he's a guy and y'all aren't together as bf/gf yet so its not really mandatory for him to hang out with you every single day.

    • ok but is it not weird that he didint want to do something with me this weekend? Is it too soon to expect that after only 3-4 dates?

    • All you can do is have patience and let it flow. If its meant to be it will happen. Just try not to push it. ^.^

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