Do you think girls like guys as much as guys like girls?

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  • We generally don't like guys that much but when it comes to a guy we're into or a hot celeb we can get straight up obsessive and stalkerish.


Most Helpful Guy

  • This's why i rejected so many girls in my life. I want to get revenge on them for calling guys who really like them creeps or stalkers. I have seen some of my buddies getting coldly and sometimes rudely rejected. I have never seen a guy being mean to a girl who hits on him or calling her a creep. I will just keep on rejecting over and over again. I (m glad i have good looks but yes i'm better so what? Girls' fault not mine.

    • I'm bitter* not better

    • That's not a good reason for rejecting women, just because you feel like women have been mean to men, which is not true, not on the scale you think. Consider how many men just want one thing from a woman and really don't care about her at all, of course many women are going to rudely reject men like that. It goes both ways.

    • If you got approached by hundreds of girls a year you would reject them like a women rejects a guy to.

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  • Of course they do! Girls worry SO MUCH about coming off as "too easy" and the guy losing interest or respect (or both).

  • I think they do, but they are afraid of showing it.

  • It's a far from simple question. The meaning of 'like' in the context of the question is anything but well defined.


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